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Turkish language courses

Dem Turkish Center, an online Turkish language school is offering various types of Turkish language lessons courses for Turkish language learners from al levels.

We are using our own materials for our classes (except for the 4. option below) including practical Turkish lessons, Turkish grammar worksheets, Turkish easy readers, Turkish vocabulary developers and other relevant materials.

Skype is the software we are using for our online classes. You can download Skype free, install on your computer and make Skype to Skype calls with video. Please check the types of Turkish language courses below, visit the links for more information and contact us for further information and a trial lesson before you start your online classes via Skype.

1. Online Turkish Classes via Skype

Learn Turkish online via Skype at your comfort of your home or office, wherever you are located in the world! We are offering online Turkish classes via Skype, interactive online Turkish lessons for learners who wish to obtain practical use in speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar of the modern Turkish language. All you need is Skype (a free online telephone service software) installed on your computer and access to the Internet in order to communicate with qualified Turkish teachers.

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2. Intensive Turkish Classes via Skype

Take INTENSIVE Turkish lessons online and learn FAST to speak Turkish with integrated skills! DemTurkishCenter.com is offering intensive Turkish classes of 5 (1 hour a day) and 10 (2 hours a day) hours a week. Intensive general Turkish lessons taught by our experienced Turkish language teachers are intensive courses covering approximately 30 communicative (and skills) classes designed for beginner learners who are looking for a comprehensive and thorough introduction to the Turkish language. These classes cover vocabulary, grammar and conversation work through speaking, writing, reading and listening activities.

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3. Study Turkish At Your Own Pace

Study Turkish at your own pace and practice with a Turkish teacher online once a week! Dem Turkish Center is offering a self-study + study with a Turkish teacher online program for busy learners who can’t find time to study Turkish regularly but looking for a self-paced online Turkish training program.

In a nutshell, with this self-paced learning program we are offering a self-study course for our learners, they study the lessons we provide for them, they get together once a week with their online Turkish teacher 1,5 hours a week to go over and practice the lessons or what they have learned.

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4. Study Your Turkish Book

Study your own Turkish language books or materials with a Turkish teacher online via Skype! Are you learning Turkish? Are you taking a Turkish course or self-studying using your own Turkish language books, a Turkish course book, Turkish grammar book, a Turkish easy reader, a Turkish self-study guide or even a survival Turkish book for your trip to Turkey?

No matter what books or materials you are using, you can study your Turkish materials with our experienced Turkish language teachers online via Skype. Although we prefer to use our own materials for our courses, we are here to help you learn Turkish or improve your Turkish and we are also giving Turkish lessons through our students’ books and materils.

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Are you learning Turkish?

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