Turkish Carpet Weaving & Cooking Holiday in Bodrum, Turkey

Turkish carpet weaving & cooking holiday in Bodrum, Turkey

Learn traditional way Turkish weaving and experience the real Turkish life of villagers!

The local woman villagers will show you step by step how to weave a Turkish carpet. They will also teach you how to cook Turkish cuisine for all your meals. Turkish food is delicious, and meals include fresh, organic vegetables or salads, soups, fruit, meats, fish, breads, and sweets. Seasonal ingredients create a variety of healthy traditional dishes. Al fresco barbeques are very popular and suit the Turkish love of feasting outdoors. All classes are translated into English.

Carpet weaving & cooking holiday in Bodrum includes daily cooking classes, daily carpet weaving classes, learning how to make more than 20 recipes, visits to the beach, local market, Bodrum city center, carpet gift at the end of the course, daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, unlimited tea, coffee, 7 nights accommodation.

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