Wonders Of Turkey: Mount Nemrut


Turkey travel guides. Wonders of Turkey: Moun Nemrut, Adiyaman.

Mount Nemrut Tumulus, UNESCO world heritage, registered as a first degree archaeological site in 1986, is a magnificient historical site with the most valuable monuments of the Kingdom of Commagene.

The statues of Greek and Persian gods made in 62 BC by the Commagene King Antiochus and the king’s own tomb and temple are still preserved in the present day. The tumulus and sanctuary include also stone carvings of gods. The eagle head is one of the the most well-known and intriguing carvings.

Nemrut, the 8th wonder of the world, is one of the must-see places to see in Turkey, offers a rich cultural heritage and an excellent landscape and unforgettable memories.

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