Things to do in Izmir – Like a local!

Things to do in Izmir, Turkey

Things to do in Izmir – Like a local!

You want to travel Turkey for your next holiday. You have chosen Izmir city to visit. Probably you are looking for the best things to do in Izmir lists to have a good time in Izmir during your stay. You might find many things to do in Izmir lists made from a tourist point of view but how about doing things in Izmir like a local?

Here is a list of things to do in Izmir from a local’s point of view to make you Izmir visit even more enjoyable:

  • Buy a Kentkart to travel around in the city.
  • Take a ferry and feed the seagulls with gevrek.
  • Have lunch at the Kemeralti and have kazandibi at the Sefer Usta.
  • Go for a walk between Karsiyaka and Bostanli.
  • Go for a picnic in Bornova, Cicekli Koy (village).
  • Take the Teleferik to the picnic area and to enjoy the lovely Izmir view.
  • Have a glass of tea in the tea garden in Inciralti.
  • Try Lokma cooked and sold by street vendors.
  • Try Boyoz and Kumru sandwich.
  • Try Cin Ali’s durum kebabs Cin Ali in Hisaronu.
  • Try sis kebab at the Topcu.
  • Try Sakizli (with gummustic) ice cream at the Rumeli Pastanesi.
  • Meet friends at the Sevinc Pastanesi in Alsancak and YKM in Konak.
  • Enjoy the view from Asansor Restaurant in Konak.
  • Try meatballs in the Asansor Restaurant.
  • Go shopping at the Konak Pier.
  • Go for a walk at the Kulturpark.
  • Try Izmir foods at the restaurant behind the Ahmet Pristina Museum.
  • Try Izmir kofte, kokorec at the small restaurants in Kemeralti.
  • Have a glass of tea at the pasaport.
  • Have a cup of Turkish coffee at the Meserret in Konak.
  • Have an atom sandwich at the Asucan.
  • Walk around Kordonboyu.
  • Visit Kizlaragasi Han.
  • Walk around Kordonboyu.
  • Go shopping in Kemeralti Bazaar.
  • Try local figs and sultanas.
  • Remember not to wear in green and red in Guzelyali, and red and yellow in Karsiyaka.
  • Visit the International Izmir Festival.
  • Buy hand-painted handkerchiefs.
  • Visit the old neighborhood in Kibris Sehitleri Street in Bornova.
  • Buy Gorece blue beads.
  • Have a drink in Foca (old Foca) while the sun goes down.

Enjoy your Izmir stay!

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