Wonders of Istanbul: Galata Tower


Istanbul travel guide. Places to see in Istanbul: The Galata Tower.

The Galata Tower, Galata Kulesi in Turkish, is a medieval stone tower located in the Galata , Beyoglu on the European side of Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus, the Golden Horn and the old city of Istanbul. One of Istanbul’s most striking landmarks, the Galata Tower offers a panoramic view of Istanbul’s historic peninsula and its environs.

The Galata Tower was built in the 14th century by the Genoese colony as part of the defense wall surrounding their district at Galata directly opposite ancient Constantinopolis. The Galata Tower, “Christea Turris” or “Tower of Christ” was used for the surveillance of the harbor in the Golden Horn. After the conquest of Constantinople by Mehmet II, the Galata Tower served to detect fires in the city.

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