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Learn‬ the use of “Bu” in ‪Turkish‬ ‪language‬. “Bu” meaning “this” is used with suffixes in some cases. Here is how it works:

  • BU ne? What’s THIS?
  • BU bir araba. THIS is a house.
  • BUNLAR ne? What are THESE?
  • BUNLAR araba. THESE are cars.
  • BU ARABA güzel. THIS CAR is nice.
  • BU ARABALAR güzel. THESE CARS are nice.
  • Ben BU ARABAYI istiyorum. I want (the) THIS CAR.
  • Ben BU ARABALARI istiyorum. I want (the) THESE CARS.

You can use “Bu” as an adjective. But the word takes the suffix for definite object (the) if the phrase is the object of the sentence.

  • Ben BUNU istiyorum. I want (the) THIS.
  • Ben BUNLARI istiyorum. I want (the) THESE.

“Bu” becomes “bunu” if it is used as the object of the sentence.

  • BUNUN adı ne? What’s the name OF THIS?
  • BUNLARIN adı ne? What are the names OF THESE?
  • Kitabı BUNA koy. Put the book INTO/TO THIS.
  • Kapıyı BUNUNLA aç. Open the door WITH THIS.
  • BUNDA bir şey var. There is something IN / AT THIS.
  • O BUNDAN daha iyi. It is better THAN (FROM in Turkish) THIS.

Learn also:

  • Bunun için For this
  • Bunun gibi Like this
  • Bunun hakkında About this

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