Cesme Travel Guide: Plan your trip to Cesme


Cesme travel guide. Plan your trip to Cesme, one of the top travel destinations on the Agean coasts in Turkey, offering an amazing vacation to its visitors with beaches, bays, Agean food and places to visit in and around Cesme.

Cesme, a major port town in the past, is now a thriving summer holiday destination in the city of Izmir. Located on the west coast of Turkey, it also has some of the longest beaches on the Aegean coast.

Cesme is an ideal destination for water sports such as sailing and diving in the turquoise sea. Cesme, just like Alacati, is known as a windy destination making it an ideal spot to do some kite surfing or windsurfing.

There are also plenty of natural bays in Cesme that are perfect for swimming. After a long day at the beach there’s still plenty to do at night from fine dining to going dancing.

In addition to the beaches, bays, water sports, Cesme is also well known for its thermal baths and Ottoman fountains, which the word “Cesme” means fountain.

Cesme has the following festivals: Alacati Greenery Festival (in April), Cesme Music Festival (in July), Babylon Alacati (in June and July).

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Cesme Travel Guide
Plan your trip to Cesme, Izmir

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